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    [日期:2019-07-27] 來源:  作者: [字體: ]


      name: miss

      sex: female

      national: han

      political landscape: members

      date of birth: september 1989

      account: jinhua

      marital status: unmarried

      education: vocational

      graduate institutions: xxx school

      graduation time: july XX

      specialties: pharmacy

      work experience: 2 years


      job intentions

      work type: all

      nature of units: open

      expectations of the industry: medical, health, health services

      expect jobs: pharmaceutical technology and management, early childhood education, teaching assistant, customer advice / hotline support, the department assistant / secretary / clerk

      location: open

      expectations of a monthly salary: negotiable


      may XX --- july XX and graduated from pharmacy school classes yungkang major study of inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, etc.

      work experience

      may XX - october XX under the chen wuyi pharmacies as a salesperson;

      october XX - march XX yiwu medical beauty as cashier and management of hospital pharmacies;

      may XX - shanghai in october XX letter chau co., ltd. as the operator of information;

      starting in november XX, culture and sport jinhua love as out-patient pharmacy intern


      i work carefully, break open the warm, like friends. like to work and life, or he will not learn a variety of things.



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